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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”– Michael Jordan

Some people ask how I achieve so much in my life.

I was able to 20x my net worth in four years, lose 30 pounds, quit my corporate job, read 75 books a year, and travel six times internationally this year.

My success comes from having goals.

You have to look at your values (aka what you want in life) and spend time doing that.

It sounds simple, but it can be hard to get started!

We’re going to talk about how I achieved my goals and how I will accomplish even more goals next year using this system.

If you’ve ever struggled with not being able to achieve your goals or starting out well and not being able to follow through, this blog is for you!

I will give you some of the secret sauce that I used and go over my process in three easy steps.

1. Get Clear On What You Want

The first step is to get clear on what you want.

If you look 10 or even 30 years into the future, what do you WANT to see?

Work backward from there.

If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry!

Your subconscious will help you.

Once you actually see what it is you want and you work towards that, your subconscious mind will help fill in the gaps.

I’ve done a number of goals retreats.

They’re usually paid for.

You go for two or three days.

I used to do them with a group.

Now I go by myself and take my ideas and goals for the year to reflect on what happened this last year:

What do I want to do?

Where did I achieve my goals?

Where didn’t I?

I work on my mission statement.

I go through the statement and make some annual goals in relation to family, finances, health, and travel.

This allows me to focus on what I want to change.

Really, you should be focusing on your goals every day.

It said that only 3% of Americans have written goals.

(Fun fact: If you have written goals, you are among only 3% of Americans!)

I read my mission statement every single morning.

As you focus on your goals, things start to happen in that direction.

If you want to change your life, focus on what you want.

That’s why a lot of people are really big on vision boards and write their goals every day.

There’s a great book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

He interviewed a lot of very successful people and found that they practiced focusing on what they wanted and believed they could achieve something.

If they could visualize their goals, they would then treat them as real, tangible things.

Try it out for yourself!

2. Get Around High Achievers

Jim Rohn, who’s a personal development guy, has a saying:

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

When I was 30 pounds overweight, I needed to get around people that were in shape and took care of their bodies.

When I wasn’t as wealthy, I wanted to get around people who were wealthy.

Specifically, I wanted to surround myself with successful investors.

That really helped to elevate me to a higher level.

It’s amazing being in the same place as people who are at the next level.

Accountability groups can also be very helpful.

But you have to be wary.

You can end up in an accountability group where nobody does the work.

Avoid those groups and surround yourself with people who will get you to the next level.

We see this sometimes in workplaces.

We see this with friendships and sometimes with mastermind groups.

This is a term from Napoleon Hill’s book.

He suggests that a successful person always has a group of people around them that helped get them to the next level.

Sometimes you have to pay to get into the room with really successful people.

That’s why some of these masterminds are up to $100,000 per year.

People want to pay to get in the room with successful people.

That’s a great way to change your life!

3. Hire a Coach (a Good One)

The last thing is something really powerful:

Hire a coach.

I’ll be honest… I’m a little frugal.

I don’t like buying expensive things.

I grew up going to garage sales and thrift stores.

As I’ve gotten wealthier, I’ve had to tell myself that it’s worth paying for something if it gets you good results.

One of the goals on my list this year is to be a Spartan winner.

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been running Spartan races.

I’ve finished between 7th and 10th out of a group of 60 to 80 people.

I want to get into the top three, but for a while I didn’t know how to get there myself.

Cue a coach!

I met a guy at one of these events who has been number one in the country in my age group.

I hired him as a coach.

He wrote a schedule for me.

He will keep me accountable.

Almost every pro athlete has a coach, so this choice was a no-brainer!

If you want to get to the next level, hire a coach.

It could be a life coach or a business coach – anyone who can help provide accountability.

In summary:

Get clear on what you want.

If you’re not clear on what you want, you won’t know where you’re going.

Focus on your goals every day.

The more you can keep them in front of you, the more you’ll achieve.

Do whatever it takes to get around high achievers.

Finally, hire a coach.

Be willing to hire a coach that will help you and hold you accountable.

I wish the best for you in your goals!

Now I want to hear all about them.

What are some of your goals for the new year?

Put them in the comments below and start holding yourself accountable!

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Disclaimer: I am not your investment advisor. This is for educational purposes only. I am not giving specific advice on what you can do. I am simply giving my opinions.

Bronson Hill

Bronson used to work as a consultant for a medical device company but switched to investing in apartment buildings to make his money work for him. He started with a single rental property that made good money and, after some advice from a family member, moved into bigger real estate projects. Now, he's all about helping others get into this kind of investment to earn money without having to work all the time. When he's not dealing with investments, Bronson loves to travel, write songs, stay active, and help fight modern slavery through his work with Dressember. He believes in working smarter, not harder, and wants to share how that's possible with everyone.

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